HF-SdA Terminal Box Family - Hargitai Kft.
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HF-SdA Terminal Box Family

About This Project

The increased safety „e” and intrinsically safety „i” explosion proof junction box series made by aluminium alloy casing. The earth bar can be earth connected or insulated from casing.


Field of application:  Zone 1 – 2, Zone 21-22
Protection symbol: II 2 G Ex eb IIC T6 Gb / II 2D Ex tb IIIC T6 Db      Tamb: – 25º… + 40 ºC/ + 50 ºC
II 2 G Ex ia/ib IIC T6 Gb / II 2D Ex tb IIIC T6 Db     Tamb: – 25º… + 40 ºC/ + 50 ºC
Certificate of Conformity: EXA 17 ATEX 0001
Protection class and material: IP 66 ( category 1)   AL Si 12 quality aluminium
Gasket: Type of Wacker Elastosil R 701/70 silicone – based
Type and size: Type:            Size:
HF-SdA-00   100x100x  80                HF-SdA-16   160x160x 90
HF-SdA-01   160x260x  90                HF-SdA-04   230x400x110
HF-SdA-02   160x360x  90                HF-SdA-05   230x600x110
HF-SdA-03   160x560x  90                HF-SdA-06   230x330x180
HF-SdA-12   120x122x  90                HF-SdA-07   310x600x180

Terminal box