HF-SdM Terminal Box Family - Hargitai Kft.
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HF-SdM Terminal Box Family

About This Project

The increased safety “e” explosion proof junction box series consist of increased safety terminal strips, earth clamps or rail mounted into IP66 ingress protected polyester and also certified cable glands. The rail can be earthed or insulated from the casing. The junction boxes are made for terminal compartment of intrinsically safe circuits also.


Field of application: 1- 2 (Gas)
Pritection symbol: II 2 G Ex e IIC T6 Gb        Tambient :-25°C … + 50 °C
Reference rules: MSZ EN 60079-0:2013
MSZ EN 60079-7:2007
Cerificate of Conformity: BKI14ATEX0001
Protection symbol and material: IP 66 ( MSZ EN 60529)   Glass Rainforced Polyester (GRP)
Gasket: Type of Wacker Elastosil R 701/70 silicone caoutchouch
Type and size: Type:            Size:
HF-SdM-00   75x110x  55
HF-SdM-01   120x122x  90              HF-SdM-04   160x560x90
HF-SdM-16    160x160x 90              HF-SdM-05   250x255x120
HF-SdM-02   160x260x  90              HF-SdM-06   250x400x120
HF-SdM-03   160x360x  90              HF-SdM-07   250x600x120

Terminal box